Studio Policies

Please review these policies so you understand how our studio works. It is our number one priority to provide a smooth, professional, high quality experience.


  • All new clients and clients with a history of cancellations are required to pay a 50% depositNo exceptions. 
  • Due to high demand for our services we HIGHLY recommend booking at least 48 Hours in advance.
  • Please do not be upset if we cannot book you for last minute sessions. Our schedule gets full quicklyespecially on weekends. 
  • If you are late we cannot guarantee that you will receive the full time booked. There are usually clients booked back to back and we cannot push others back because of one client being late. Please plan ahead for DFW traffic and always feel free to arrive at the studio early. 
  • If you have to cancel a session, we require 24 hour notice to keep your deposit active and to keep you from needing to put deposits on future sessions.
  • When booking, please alert Rawger to who was your previous engineer, or which engineer you would like to work with. We want our clients to have a consistently amazing experience.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Sometimes music is simply not up to our standards of excellence. 


  • Bounces, masters, files and sessions will not be released until payment is made in full.
  • When you are tracking or recording you are paying for the time used in the studio, any time spent over the scheduled time will need to be paid for. If you require edits to a mix or additional recording time, a session must be booked to complete this work. (When paying for a mix with Tycer this policy does not apply, his mixes are per service and not based on hourly rates). 
  • Clients may pay at the start or end of session.
  • All clients will receive an invoice/receipt through PayPal.
  • We accept all credit/debit cards, as well as PayPal and cash.
  • Payments made with card or PayPal include a 3% tax to cover fees. There is no tax when paying with cash.
  • We do not offer refunds for any time spent using the studio. No exceptions.


  • Please bring files needed during session on a flash drive, hard drive or email them to: 
  • We highly recommend all clients bring a drive to keep a backup of sessions.
  • We keep sessions on our servers for about 1 year. Occasionally we have to make room and will either delete old sessions or move them to a cold storage drive. We are not responsible for sessions deleted to make space. 
  • WE WILL NOT EMAIL LARGE FILES AT ANY TIME OTHER THAN DURING A SCHEDULED SESSION. Emailing session takes time and results in us becoming backed up. We do not want to hold up progress for any of our clients music, bring a drive so you can have all needed files ready whenever you need them.
  • We can sometimes download beats from Youtube, however many of these videos are blocked and access is not guaranteed. The Rechordium is not responsible for legal issues due to YouTube copyrights or download laws. Try and get these beats secured before your session so you do not have to find a different beat last minute.


  • We highly recommend that clients do not bring many extra people to their session. We want you to be productive and relaxed, this is not possible with too many people taking up space and making noise.
  • If you are going to be bringing a large group you must alert our booking manager in advance. 
  • Smoking is allowed in the Green Room only.
  • Snack machine and soda machine are available at the facility, we also provide Ozarka water to all clients.